Pakistan Electric Power Company, or PEPCO, is the government organization responsible for providing electricity services to the people living in different parts of Pakistan. Therefore, whoever is living in Pakistan gets electricity services under their supervision.

While PEPCO is the leading electricity organization, it works with several sub-electricity providers to offer excellent and brilliant services in the meantime. In other words, several areas have electricity providers who are all registered or working under the supervision of PEPCO. The government also owns all these sub-electricity providers. However, only one named KESC is privatized now and is the only private company under PEPCO.

As you live in Pakistan, it’s essential or mandatory for you to get the Bill details in an easier or more detailed format. So, all of it is possible by just sitting in your home and accessing the internet to find a platform that offers all of the electricity bill details in one place.

DB CENTER UK is the platform that strives to provide you with the Electricity bills details on your mobile or laptop screen for free 24/7. There was no such kind of electricity bill checking services for the user in the past, but DBCENTER is among those few online platforms that have made it possible for everyone. So what are the lists of electricity bills that you can check in DBCENTER.UK? Let’s talk about them in detail in the below section.

List of Electricity Providers Bill Checking Services you Can Get from IMSI:


Starting with FESCO, it’s the Faisalabad Electricity Supply Company, devoted to providing electricity services to Faisalabad and its near locations that are the main customers. All you need is to enter the specific customer ID on the Bill section to acquire the latest details of the FESCO bill on your mobile or laptop screen.


The people of Gujranwala and its nearby locations use the GEPCO electricity, whose full form is Gujranwala Electric Power Company. If you live in GEPCO, you can get the bill details for free by entering the Customer ID on it.


Sukkur Electric Power Company or SEPCO is the Electricity provider mainly to the residents of Sukkur and its nearby areas. Anyone who can be living in Sukkur has to Access the DBCENTER SEPCO bill check feature and type their Customer ID to get the entire details on the screen.


The people of Hyderabad use Hyderabad Electric Supply Company or HESCO. If you live in Hyderabad and want to check the Electricity bill, you can Select the HESCO bill checking feature and enter the Customer ID.


Islamabad Electric Supply Company or IESCO is responsible for providing electricity to the residents of the Capital of Pakistan. Anyone living in Islamabad and visiting IMSIData for a bill check can enter their Customer ID on the IESCO bill check feature, and the whole detail will appear on the screen for them.


Lahore Electric Supply Company or LESCO is offering Electricity Services to the residents of Lahore, the capital of Punjab. Meanwhile, several other areas come in the LESCO service taker lists, so they can get their Bill details by considering the LESCO bill check feature and entering their Customer id.


Multan electric power company or MEPCO is responsible for providing electricity services to the residents of Multan. Anyone who has appeared on IMSIData to check or verify their electricity bills can enter the customer ID and get the details.


Peshawar electric power company or PESCO is responsible for providing electricity services to the residents of Peshawar and those nearby places. If you are using PESCO, all you need is to enter the Customer ID and get the details right in front of the screen.


Tribal Electric Supply Company or TESCO is responsible for providing Electric Supply services to the areas in the Tribal regions of Pakistan. If you are using TESCO, you can check the Bills by entering your Customer ID.


QESCO, or Quetta electric supply company, is responsible for providing the Electricity supply to almost the entire Balochistan region. Few of the Balochistan areas that are near Karachi don’t use QESCO; however, the rest of the areas are dependent on QESCO services. Therefore, anyone who wants to check the Electricity Bill details by living in the relevant areas of Balochistan can enter their Customer ID and get the details onto the screen.


Karachi Electric Supply Company, or KESC, is Pakistan’s private electric supply company that offers services mainly to Karachi, including the other location of Sindh and Balochistan. If you are using KESC, you can check the bill by entering the Customer ID.

Why DBCENTER for Electricity Bill Check?

You wouldn’t get accurate electricity details in the various Online Bill Checking platforms for several reasons. The majority of the platforms don’t load well due to visitors. DB CENTER is an outstanding platform where nobody will have to face such types of issues and will get fresh and accurate Bill Details by living in any part of Pakistan without any hurdles.


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