As a national of Pakistan, we all have some essential responsibilities to give something to our country that can be used to develop different crucial sectors of Pakistan. So that the poor ones would get the benefits out of it along with ourselves as well; yes, we are talking about the Tax pay, which is the backbone for any country to make it prosperous.

The Taxpayers who are registered with the desired organization of Pakistan will have to pay the money, which goes to many places.

As a Pakistani Citizen, you can apply, or the rule imposes on you to become a Taxpayer depends upon the amount of money you earn per month. Every country has set different thresholds, and Pakistan also has the same policy.

Now, how you can check out the Tax Payer individuals in general for several reasons. DB CENTER is an excellent platform where you can easily get these details without going to any concerned authority. You won’t easily get those details or have to follow the procedure.

Yes, DB CENTER UK has made it pretty simple to directly get the Taxpayer list (ATL) details without facing any barriers.

How can you Check Active Taxpayer List Details using DBCENTER?

DBCENTER UK has made it easier for any visitor to check the ATL details with the possible type of information available to them. ATL has divided it into three sections, including SR No, NTN, and Name.

You have to select one option in the Search by check box and enter the same thing on the next check box. After putting the details, the next thing is to verify you as a human by filling in the Captcha and then clicking on the search button.

SR No: SR no or Serial number is a unique identifier assigned by the Tax department to a person in Pakistan who is applying to get registered as a Taxpayer. For every person, the SR No tends to be changed. If you have the SR No, you can put it in the search bar and get the Active Taxpayer details on the screen.

NTN: The NTN or National Tax number is used for Enrollment in FBR to get you registered as a taxpayer. The CNIC or national identity card number of a Pakistani citizen with 13 digits is used as the NTN number in FBR. If you know that number, enter it into the box to get the Active Taxpayer details on the screen.

Name: The name option is for those who only know the exact name of the Taxpayer to check out the details. Here, you have to enter the similarly entered name while registering as a Taxpayer. In this way, you can get the Taxpayer information on the screen.

Why is DBCENTER.UK Preferable to Check Taxpayer Details?

DATA CENTER UK has made it free for any person to visit the website and get the Taxpayer list details. No genuine platform other than IMSIDATA can offer you such crucial details for free. Moreover, you can easily open the DB INDIA website by sitting in any part of the world and getting the details. So, you don’t need to connect VPN and get into the platform to get the details.

Lastly, DB CENTER Active Taxpayer list details are secure due to the advanced technologies, which don’t allow any third party to hack or steal the data.


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