Screen Recording Your Gameplay (Tips & Tricks)

Screen recording your Gameplay on a PC is not a hassles task. Many of you like to make it for fun purposes, while others want to publish it on Facebook or YouTube for promotional and earning purposes. Despite all of the reasons, you can use a free screen recorder or a paid one to create high-quality gameplay screen recording videos.

While Screen Recording your gameplay is easier, creating a video worthy of watching needs some tips and tricks. In this article, we are going to talk about it in detail.

Tips and Tricks for Screen Recording your Gameplay:

Install Best Screen Recorder for PC:

Installing the best Screen Recorder for PC is the first important thing for you before you begin making the videos. Without a good screen recorder, you get limited features to use, and it brings less compelling or attractive attributes into the videos. Therefore, you would need to use the best one.

iTop Screen Recorder would be the best software available in the market that you can use to create high-quality screen recording videos. It’s the best Screen Recorder for PC, and you can use free and Pro versions depending on your needs.

Go with a Proper Plan and Write about it:

The first 10 to 15 seconds of the video play an important role in capturing the audience's interest in your video. In other words, you must tell them why they should watch the gameplay screen recording.

If you want to achieve it, you must devise a proper plan and write everything about it. In simple words, make a script that you will be going to talk about in the video. After that, use professional software like Hemmingway to ensure that whatever you are writing and speaking in the video is easy to understand.

Get a Good Microphone:

Instead of using the built-in Microphone of the PC for audio recording, you should go with a professional external Microphone. With Good Microphone, the quality of the screen recording improves a lot. Otherwise, bad audio quality would bounce back to the viewer from the video.

Test out the Webcam:

Making eye contact is very important in the Gameplay videos. It would help you make a trustworthiness factor for the viewer, and when they see your webcam video, they can easily relate to the list of things you are presenting. This way, more people will stick with the video and watch it until the end.

Turn-Off the PC Notifications:

Never make the mistake of recording the pop-ups and notifications that have no relation to the videos. For that reason, you need to wipe out the desktop icons and disable the notifications.

Why Should You use iTopScreen?

iTopScreen is a compatible screen recorder Windows 10 software that comes with various reasons to use for Gameplay screen recording.

Use Watermark:

Others can use the Gameplay Videos you publish on multiple platforms. If you want them to use it, you can include the Watermark into the video with the help of iTop Screen recorder. It would help promote your page, Channel, or anything else you want to promote through the videos.

Screen Record in Multiple Sizes:

You can use the iTop Screen recorder to record multiple 2D and 3D games per your needs. The Screen recorder allows you to record with specific, half, or full area recording options.

Video Editor Feature:

Apart from Recording the Screen, you can also edit the gameplay videos. It can easily perform all major editing roles, and you don’t have to use additional video editing software.


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